Here's a little fun fact for you. The average Thanksgiving meal is 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat. That nap you have to take afterwards is your body's version of a medically induced coma. There is some damage repair needed.   Do you think that is an overstatement of what people take in? Check out the picture. Look familiar?   So where does the marathon come in? To run or walk a mile (doesn't matter which, they burn the same amount of calories) burns about 100 calories on flat ground. So to burn those 3,000 calories you have to run the 26.2 miles that make up a marathon. Crazy huh?   You should enjoy the holiday and you don't have to be the person eating leaves and drinking water to stay healthy.   My advice would be: 1. Pick out only the foods that you REALLY like. Have you ever found yourself eating something that isn't that great, but because you got it you continue eating it? Me too. Stick to the things that are seasonal and you don't have a chance to eat that often.   2. Enjoy the company around you while you are eating. Unless you are at the kiddie table still. Don't just shovel your food in and grunt at everybody. Put your fork down between bites, drink plenty of water, actually enjoy your food, and don't rush through the meal.   3. Get some exercise! Play some backyard football, hiking this time of year is beautiful, go for a walk, do a Turkey Trot, volunteer to carry that super heavy post-Thanksgiving trash to the curb.   4. Come to our Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp tomorrow! We have had people burn upwards of 1,000 calories in an hour clas before. Do that 3 times and you're good to go šŸ™‚Ā Bring the whole family because men, women, and children are welcome to come. It will be fromĀ 830-930am at Weatherly Elementary School, all you need is a mat and some water.   I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading!