Happy Black Friday to you! If you are out amongst the crazy masses, I salute you. Although I am saluting you from my nice cozy home, where the only crazy people I'm surrounded by are family. I have a special on the Inner Circle Special year long membership. If you sign up for the Inner Circle discount program, you can get unlimited classes this month for $1. Then you will get 25% off every month for the rest of the year. This deal is for any camp time and any location.   The 2013 VIBC program is now open! You get 40% off all of 2013 for a one time payment of $1640. That gets you unlimited classes for all times and locations, all of my fitness and nutrition books, and other bonuses throughout the year. I have seen some truly inspirational changes in the people who commit to boot camp for the year. Let that be you this year.   Finally, all of my on-line products are on sale! You can go to the on-line store here---> Joe Martin Fitness Store   Use coupon code TURKEY to get 40% off all of my fitness and nutrition books: -21 Day Belly Blast -21 Day Belly Blast 2.0  -21 Day Tight and Toned Transformation   Post-Thanksgiving is a great time to start the Belly Blast. Detox your body and then put the good stuff back in.   Or if you are looking for some quick workouts you can do around the house with very little equipment, The 21 Day Tight and Toned Transformation comes in handy. Plus it teaches you my secret and effective ab exercise you can do any time and anywhere.   Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Looking forward to helping you finish 2012 strong, so we will be set up to make serious changes in 2013!