A friend of mine retired from the Army last week and he told a very interesting story as part of the ceremony. He got the opportunity to go on an Honor Flight. Honor Flight is a program that flies our military veterans to Washington DC to see their memorials. The whole day is dedicated to honoring them for their sacrifices.   My friend said that of the 100 veterans on the plane, 50 of them had to be wheeled aboard on wheelchairs. After a full day of flying from Huntsville to Washington DC, seeing all the memorials, and then flying back to Huntsville you would think they would be in rough shape. Of the 50 that were wheeled on, only 25 had to be wheeled off. The rest walked off that plane on their own.   What changed? Have you ever felt physically better after a day of flying? No way! It is an exhausting process that saps your energy, but they were walked proudly off that plane. How awesome is that?   So my question to you is, what's holding you back? Is it really that you are too injured, too sick, too frail, too overweight, too out of shape, etc... to exercise? Have you been feeding yourself negative thoughts for so long that your body now believes it?   This may not apply to you right now, but one day it might. I will send out more about negative and positive thoughts later on, but for now take stock of your situation. Is it really something physical holding you back or is it mental? If I can help you find a way to stay active through whatever you have going on, please let me know.