Merry Christmas! In between your present opening and egg nog fueled rants on why in the world kids' toys have to be locked up like Fort Knox, maybe you feel like getting a little workout in. I'm here for you my friend. You know that 12 Days of Christmas song right? How it seems like it lasts forever? Now you can make your workout seem like it lasts forever! Very exciting right? This workout works just like the song. You do the first exercise (verse), then the first exercise and the second exercise, then you do the first, second, and third exercise. Pretty sure you get how it works. It does help if you sing the song out loud, unless there is someone else there to hear you. Here are the exercises: 1st day... 1 minute running (in place works too) 2nd day...2 wacky jacks 3rd day... 3 Pike pushups 4th day... 4 box jumps 5th day... 5 jumping jacks 6th day... 6 bench dips 7th day... 7 belly blasters 8th day... 8 close grip pushups 9th day... 9 jump squats 10th day... 10 walking lunges 11th day... 11 hip raises 12th day... 12 burpees See how fast you can get through the list. Hope you have an awesome day.