A recent study published by the Huffington Post found that 31 million people skip breakfast every day. Every day! Another recent study found that HALF of breakfast skippers are overweight.   Then there is this infographic I found on FastCoExist.com   Effects of skipping breakfast   In my informal studies, I have found 4 common reasons people skip breakfast and a few ways to help combat them.   1. "I work and have kids how do I find time to cook breakfast!"   Here are some quick, healthy breakfast ideas that take 5-10 minutes to make:
-An apple, 1-2 ounces of cheese, and a handful of walnuts
-My son's favorite breakfast of whole wheat waffle with natural peanut butter and raisins on top. The smiley face I make with the raisins optional.
-Morning pizza-Crusty wheat bread, with low fat ricotta and tomatoes on it. Drizzle with olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Broiling optional.
-Plain Greek yogurt, mix in almond butter and fruit such as blueberries or strawberries
-Scrambling eggs really doesn't take that long. Heat up a non-stick pan with a little coconut oil over medium-high heat, when hot crack 2 eggs straight in the pan, scramble, and it only takes a few minutes. You can saute some pico de gallo or spinach or whatever you like to get some veggies in there.
Or if you want a few options to try before  an early morning workout, you can try these for some quick, light fuel.
-1 small banana
-Toasted English muffin spread with 2 tsp. strawberry jam
-1 cup nonfat or low-fat yogurt
-Half cup of oatmeal with protein powder or peanut butter
2. "I'm just not hungry in the morning."
  This can be a bad sign. Have you ever invited someone over to your house several times and they never came? What did you do? Quit inviting them! Your body is the same way. Let me explain.  If you ignore the body's signal that you are hungry for long enough it will eventually stop sending the signal. Which sounds good, but that can mean your metabolism is shutting down. It's right there in the title, you are breaking your fast, so it tells your body it's time to crank up the metabolism.
3. "I don't like to eat breakfast in the morning because I eat too much in the evening and I am trying to save calories."
It is not as simple as just burning off the calories you put in, about 75% of the calories your body uses come from your metabolism. Going too long in between meals for days, months, and even years messes up your internal system that tells you when to say when. One of the biggest steps you can make is when you begin to start eating out of necessity and not out of habit.
4. "I don't like breakfast foods"
Who told you that you had to eat breakfast food at breakfast? They're not the boss of you! I am! Whoops, ignore that. Don't feel obligated to eat breakfast foods just because The Man told you to. Eat whatever your stomach can handle in the morning.