Don't judge me dude, I'm thirsty

Were you able to handle the 5th challenge ok last week? One thing that can derail your nutrition program very easily is liquid calories. It is secretly one of biggest things that keeps weight on people.   For instance, there are coffees at Starbucks that have more than 700 calories! 700 unproductive, not helping your body at all, wasteful calories and that is just in a drink!   So your challenge for this week, cut out all those non-productive (usually high sugar content) calories that come in liquid form. So no soft drinks, alcohol, sweet tea (unsweetened is fine), no sugary coffees (regular coffee is fine), etc... I would even include Gatorade and other sports drinks in this category as well. They do have electrolytes, but it also has 250 calories that you don't need. Unless you are exercising for more than an hour, water will keep you hydrated just fine.   Oh and diet soft drink/artificial sweetener drinkers thought you were getting off easy? Not so fast my friend! Little Lee Corso for you. You gotta drop those things too. Studies have shown that when you drink artificial sweeteners it stimulates you to eat more and actually gain weight.   We have all joked about the classic "I will take a Big Mac, supersized fries, apple pie, and a Diet Coke", but this is something different. What happens when your body tastes something sweet it expects calories along with it. When you take in the zero calorie artificial sweetener your body expects caloric payback, so it stimulates your body's hunger mechanism leading to extra calories being taken in that way. Not to mention the mounting evidence that diet drinks can cause several health issues such as: heart diseasedepressiondecreased kidney function, and others.   You're already started drinking so much water after last week, who has time to drink anything else anyway? Stop sabotaging your body with liquid calories and you will get great results in your fat loss efforts.