Last week the challenge was to start performing maintenance on your body to keep it in proper working order. Now that we have the body fine tuned, it's time to pick it up a notch.   Intensity is usually the difference between people who get results and those who just get through their workouts. Look back at how some of your recent workouts have gone.   Could you have gone further? Gone faster? Lifted heavier? Done a few more repetitions?   Just a few random examples:   Have you been running 2 miles? Push it up to 2.5 miles.   The challenge this week is to pick it up a notch! Have you been running 2 miles in 20 minutes? Now try to do 2 miles in 19 minutes.   Have you been using the same weight for months? It is time to go heavier.   Have you been doing the same amount of repetitions every workout? Time to do more.   The main thing I want you to do is look back at your last few workouts. What gave out first, your body or your mind? The mind can take the body places, you never thought it could go.   Before your next workout, set a goal that you are going to reach firmly in your mind. Do not stop until you get there. Do not settle for average, do not settle for ok. You are stronger, faster, and fitter than you are giving yourself credit for.   Go prove me right, I know you can do it.