It is almost time for Spring Break. That means it is almost swimsuit season. For some people, I have been told by the federal government to never wear a swimsuit in public after my last appearance. You blind 10 people and everybody makes a big fuss. Whatever...
  So, for other people who are looking to get toned and ready for their bathing suits I have a way to get you ready. It is 7 simple (not to be confused with easy) steps that if you commit to them will get you ready in a hurry. As a bonus, it has some great workouts you can do any time any place to speed up the process. Just in case you don't have an awesome boot camp to attend.   I need some help from you though. It is a goal of mine to help as many people as possible reach their goals and improve their health. If you would like a copy, all you have to do is have a friend e-mail me at and say they would like to begin receiving the newsletter. When they sign up, both you and the friend get a copy of the 7 steps special report.   Not only that, but I am also willing to sweeten the deal. The person who gets the most of their friends to sign up, will win a copy of a brand new program I am putting together. In this program you will learn:  
  • Which whole foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • How to set your goals to maximize success
  • Why “diets” don’t work
  • The dangers of restrictive diets
  • Ten ways to avoid the overweight trap
  • Medical conditions and weight gain
  • Mindset tips to supercharge your effort and lead to success
  • Special Bonus - 3 weeks of done-for-you meal plans and recipes

Thank you for helping me reach my goals, I really appreciate it!