Last week our challenge was to cut down on the amount of times you eat out. With a little planning and extra effort, you can save yourself a lot of money and weight gain by cooking your own meals.

This week we will be doing something a little more "fun". As part of our boot camps we do what we call personal challenges. They are different every time, but the main idea is to prove to every participant just how far they have come in 4 weeks.

I would highly recommend doing challenge workouts for yourself. A funny thing happens when you flip your mindset around into focusing on your fitness and just weight loss or inches lost. You will look at yourself one day and realize that by focusing on your fitness, you also lost inches and pounds along with it.

This challenge will be piggy backing on the Pick it up a notch! challenge from a few weeks ago. A challenge workout you can

Time yourself doing this workout and then re-test yourself a few weeks later.

You can modify each exercise as needed (example-pushups on your knees), just make sure to do the same the next time you test it. Want to know how fast I can do it? Tell me your time and I will tell you mine 🙂