I would just like to first state that I understand the importance of fashion. Anybody that has seen my gold pants knows that. But sometimes fashion can be costly. A study in the Journal of Experimental Biology found that women who wore high heels 5 days a week for 2 years had much shorter calf muscles and Achilles tendons than women who did not wear the high heels.   Why do you care? If you're a guy who doesn't wear stilettos you probably don't. But for those that do (men and women) it means when you shorten those muscles you can't move your feet up and down like a normal person. This leads to more low back and knee injuries.   Most injuries are not caused by a weakness in the muscle that gets injured, they are caused by a weakness in another muscle. Ever had a "bad" knee or ankle? Did you end up eventually hurting the other one as well from overcompensating for the injury? It is very common.   This was about high heels, but I mainly want you to just think about tuning into your body. Listen to the body when it gives you warning signs that you are doing something wrong. When you are exercising, be in tune with proper form and proper joint support at all times. Don't get a pair of athletic shoes just based on how they look. Get some based on the activities you will be performing in them. And most important of all, use your stilettos sparingly.