Teenage Girl Body Image   The teenage years are an extremely hard time for girls. We want to make them a little easier. We are offering a Teenage Girls Boot Camp this summer starting on June 11th. They will not only learn about exercise, but also about proper body image, the dangers of fad diets, proper nutrition without restriction, and much more.   Our goal is to stress the importance of being healthy, over the unrealistic and unhealthy images they are bombarded with through TV, the internet, and magazines. This will be an accepting environment, free from judgment and ridicule.   The class is twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville for 8 weeks. Registration is open now to the first 15 who sign up.   Teenage Girl Camp   We have had a few donors sponsor teens who could otherwise not afford it. If you are also willing to sponsor a teen, please let me know.