Have you ever heard the motivational tactic used by 16th century Aztec conqueror Hernando Cortez?   Upon landing on the coast of modern-day Mexico in 1519, he ordered all the ships to be burned before they started their attack.   This was a way to get his army completely focused and ready to do whatever it took to be victorious.   Retreat was not an option, there was no going home. They were either going to win or die trying.   Have you ever burned your ship? I have and it was one of the scariest, most exciting things I've ever done.   I started my fitness business on the side while working for the government. It was a tough decision to leave a job with benefits, steady income, and one I actually enjoyed. But if I wanted to take my business to the next level it was something I had to do.   There is a big difference in having extra income from a side business and having it be your sole income source. You go from "Hey that's nice." to "Hey I need to make this work or we can't pay the mortgage."   There is a saying that I was definitely living. "To be a success you need desperation or perspiration." It was a mindset shift that resulted in me picking up my game in everything I did.   Have you ever been in a situation where you HAD to do something? There is very little you couldn't accomplish when you have to. Ever had to finish a huge research paper that you had the whole semester and you miraculously finish in one day?   Change this over to fitness. Imagine if you had to do a swimsuit photo shoot in 6 months. I saw you physically flinch when you read that 🙂   How hard would you work out? How disciplined would your eating be? You would be desperate to not embarrass yourself.   What if your doctor said you needed to lose 50 pounds or you were going to die? That is slightly more motivating than wanting to fit in some skinny jeans.

I want you to do something right now. Write down your goal. Not in your phone, not typed on the computer. Use actual and paper to write it down. It will connect you to that goal in a way electronics can not.

Whatever it takes, burn your ship and stop being "half in" on your goals. If you don't have a goal that puts a fire in your belly every day to reach it, then you need a new goal!