SingleMomsSale   Happy Father's Day weekend! One of the greatest honors I have ever received was the day I got to be a dad.


I was also blessed to be raised by what science has discovered was the best dad ever. Scientists may have discovered the same about your dad. 
My wife did not have the same luxury though. She was raised by an extremely resourceful and strong single mom. It is truly amazing some of the things my mother in law has been able to accomplish. 
So as a tribute to all the single moms out there who are tasked with the incredible responsibility of being mom and dad I want to offer a special deal. For our boot camp that starts on July 1, all single moms can get a month of unlimited boot camp for $99. The last day for this deal is Monday June 17th 2013.  To take advantage of this deal, just e-mail I will set it up for you.