finishstrong July 1st is Monday and that marks the halfway point in the year. Are you halfway through the goals you set for yourself in 2013?   No? Not to worry, it is never too late. Think of the amazing changes you could make in 6 months with hard work and dedication!   You could do some truly amazing things if you cut out the excuses and and got to work. So here is my challenge to you.   Get in 100 workouts between now and December 31st.   December 31, 2013 by the way. For those looking for loopholes. You know who you are.   That means you need a minimum of 3 workouts per week and most weeks you need to get 4 workouts a week. (Technically you need 3.84 workouts a week, but I was not sure how to measure that)   Getting that many workouts in will be tough. You need motivation, accountability, and you need something fun. Got that in your workouts already? Cool.   If you need some help, we would love to have you kick things off with our brand new Drop a Dress Size class that starts Monday July 1st in Huntsville as well as Madison.   It's never too late to finish strong.   PS-if you are a boot camp client, I will be offering a special prize to everyone that can get in their 100 workouts.