I mentioned in Wednesdays post that I had just completed a 30 day program and had been blown away by the results. Today I want to share with you what I experienced, as well as the results my dad has seen so far.

As embarrassing as it may be, here are my before and after pictures.


I need to apologize for three things right off the bat with these pictures.
1. They are selfies
2. I'm a terrible picture taker
3. My serious farmer tan (ever seen a really tan red headed guy? If so, he's a fraud!)
I had heard about this 30 day plan from Isagenix years ago, but didn't pay it much attention. I figured that because 90% of my meals were made from lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts with plenty of water throughout the day I was good to go. I was also taking krill oil  in the morning and protein shakes for after my workouts.
I was doing pretty well. Eating good, exercising 6 days a week, and feeling petty darn good.
Something was missing.
I'm like anybody else and I have that area of my body I'm not happy with. The age old question kept arising.
"Is it too much for a pale guy to have six pack abs?"
FYI-There are about as many pale guys with 6 packs as there are tan red heads.
Before getting started with the plan I set a few goals I wanted to reach. Lose body fat, not lose a bunch of weight lose inches off my waist, and get stronger in the deadlift as well as the floor press. I was able to accomplish all those goals.
Body fat- 13.5%-9% (measured by calipers)
Waist- 36 to 34
Deadlift- 375-405lbs
Floor press (like a bench press)-295-305lbs
Bonus- Mile time went from 6:32 to 5:56 without specifically training for it.
I was so thrilled with the results I got my dad a 30 plan for Father's Day. His plan is geared more towards weight loss, while mine was for fat loss and performance. My dad has not been able to exercise like he would like to due to recent knee replacement and back surgery, so he was needing to shed some weight for many reasons.
After 2 weeks, he is now down 25 pounds and counting. But more importantly, his blood sugar has dropped 73 points. I'm really proud of him and so glad he is on his way to getting his health back.
If you are looking to drop body fat and increase your performance, I highly recommend the 30 day plan with Isalean Pro I use. It's the best results I have ever seen in 30 days. 
If you would like to make that scale go down and stay down, try the 30 day cleansing and fat burning system that my dad has been on.
If you are doing all the right things but not getting there, give this a try. This could be the way you finally get the results you deserve.