Thank you all for the positive feedback about my 30 Day Transformation with Isagenix post. Not going to lie, pretty nerve racking putting my before and after paleness on display for the internet. Not something I would normally do, but I really believe in this plan and wanted others to know about it.   A lot of you had questions and concerns as well, so I thought I would address a few of the most common ones.   But can't I reach my goals by eating right?   Absolutely you can! Real food is always best whether you are trying to increase performance or lose weight. If that is working for you, keep that up. If you are struggling, it might be time to explore different options.   This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?   This is not some sort of magic pill. The basic premise is to combine eating a low glycemic index diet with healthy shakes, vitamins, and nutrients. It did not make me stronger because I sat on the couch and drank shake. It did give me more energy, more stamina, and allowed me to recover from intense workouts and be fresh for the next workout.   On the weight loss side of the coin, it is basically calorie reduction. The huge difference is, you are reducing calories but still providing your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. You will be amazed at how your body will feel, how much better it performs, and how much easier fat loss if when you are properly fueling it.   I'm a little concerned about the price.   To be honest, I was as well. I chose to do the "Sign up and Save" option where you can get the products at wholesale prices as well as the chance to earn free products. Everything has a 100% money back guarantee, so I figured I would either get results or get my money back.   I also broke down how much I spend on food for a month. I learned that I am expensive to feed! Sorry mom and dad, I'm sure when I moved out you had all sorts of money you didn't know you had. I was paying more for groceries and meals than I was for a 30 day plan.   Try adding up how much you spend on food, especially if you eat out. If you've never done that, it is an eye opening experience. $10 lunches add up pretty quick.   What kind of meals do I eat on this plan?   You eat 400-600 calorie low glycemic meals. An example of a low glycemic meal within that calorie range would be: one egg, cup of steel cut oats, 1/4 cup of almonds, 2 cups of vegetables (tomatoes, onions, and peppers if you wanted to make an omelet), and an apple.   You use a guide that you select one of each of the following from: protein, starchy carb, healthy fat, vegetable, and an optional calorie source. Very balanced meals that help you stay fuller longer.   Which plan should I choose?     If you are looking to lose body fat, increase performance, and/or you have been active and can't break through a plateau, I recommend the 30 day plan with Isalean Pro.   If you are looking to lose weight, lose inches, and gain energy I recommend the 30 day cleansing and fat burning system.   Was there something I didn't answer for you? Feel free to e-mail me at