I am a big believer in having a future event to motivate myself when I'm training. It always helps me to know that if I don't get ready, I am in for a rough time. In that spirit, I wanted to pass on a few unique races in the Huntsville area that might interest you.
August 24, 2013
Huntsville, AL
You don't have a ton of time to train, but since we are the official boot camp of this race I wanted to pass it on. We will be doing a free boot camp right before the race to "get people extra sweaty". That's what they asked for.
The race does sound pretty awesome. Past races have included along the course: misting tunnels, sprinkler zones, foam and bubbles, spectator "sniper zones" and fire hose zones manned by real firefighters. Then there is a party afterwards with a massive water balloon fight.
If you are looking to join a team we would love to have you on ours. When you go to register, select that you would like to be on a team, and look for Adventure Boot Camp.
October 5, 2013
Huntsville, AL
This is a rare night time race, so that is unique on its own. As part of your race packet, you are given "glow supplies" you are encouraged to wear during the race. There will be music playing, UV light glow zones along the way, and it is my professional prediction that there will be several crazy people acting a fool along the way. If you're into people watching, might be a good race for you. This race also has an after party, that they claim is the best part of the race.
September 28, 2013
Redstone Arsenal
This race is at the Marshall Space Flight Center and the idea is to "race" the International Space Station. It takes the ISS 91 minutes and 12 seconds to orbit the Earth, so you have that amount of time to run 1.95 miles, bike 14.3 miles, and run another 1.95 miles. You do not have to have Arsenal privileges to participate.
Gruntand GrindGuntersville
Guntersville, AL
October 9, 2013
This race involves trail running (anywhere from 2-5 miles), mountain biking (3-10 miles), and canoeing (1-3 miles) as the bulk of the race. But it also involves orienteering, climbing, and mystery challenges along the way.
If I left any unique races in the area out, let me know!