Isagenix-Detox   You've been exercising, you've been eating the right foods, you've even given up your Little Debbie addiction! It's been 30 days, the moment of truth. Time to get on that scale and find out just how awesome you did. You excitedly adjust the scale and Bam! You stayed at the Exact. Same. Weight. It might have even gone up! Is there anything more demotivating than that? All that hard work for nothing. Your clothes don't fit better, no pounds have fallen off, and you still don't feel good. What in the world is going? You might actually be experiencing weight loss resistance. Weight loss resistance is a term that was coined for people who have been eating healthy food, exercising, but not losing body fat. Obviously the major sign is that you aren't releasing any weight off your body. Some other signs could be: gas or digestive problems, anxiety, having less than 1 bowel movement per day, no energy or low energy, difficulty building muscle, or difficulty maintaining muscle. Here are the main causes: 1. Too much cardiovascular exercise 2. Not enough sleep 3. Food sensitivities 4. Low calorie diets (calorie restriction) 5. Stress 6. Toxic overload You have probably heard about 1-5 before, but scientists are gathering evidence that #6 might be the key. Do you know how toxic your body is? The CDC checked the blood levels of 2500 people for contaminants. They found the average person had 219 toxic chemicals in their system! So what do you do to combat the toxicity in your body? Avoiding them, of course, would be your best move. Be aware of what is in the foods you eat, the water you drink, the medicines you take, and the environment you live and breath in. Easier said than done, but awareness does help. If you think toxicity is the reason you can't get rid of the weight, you need to get them out of your body. I would recommend the 30 Day Cleanse and Fat Burning System from Isagenix. Think of it like changing your oil. You filter out all the toxins and replace them with healthy and nourishing ingredients. When your body becomes inflamed from toxins it can begin storing up fat to protect itself. When you rid yourself of the toxins, you can begin dropping the weight much easier.