KettlebellCircuit This is a great circuit if you are looking for an awesome way to finish off a workout or maybe get in a quick burst of exercise. Set a timer to go off every 30 seconds (I use the free GymBoss app on my phone), switch exercises every 30 beep with no rest breaks, and give an all out effort on each exercise. If you don't have a kettle bell, you can use a dumbbell, a milk jug, anything that has weight! Deadlift- keep knees slightly bent, push your hips back, keep your back flat, lower kettlebell towards the floor, drive through your heels, stand up tall, and squeeze your gluteus. Don't round your back and don't lean back at the top of the movement. Swings- knees slightly bent, push your hips back, wrists come in contact with your thighs, bottom of the kettle bell is facing behind you, forcefully push your hips forward, and let the momentum from the swing power the kettlebell up. Either swing the kettlebell up over your head or to shoulder level. Don't squat (think of it as a hip hinge), don't lean way back at the top of the movement (think about standing up tall and squeezing your glutes), and don't drop your head down between your knees. Goblet squats- grab the kettlebell by the horns (the handle) with your thumbs inside the handle. Squat down, keeping the kettlebell in close to your chest until you get your elbows inside your knees. Stand up by driving through your heels, keeping your chest up, and standing up tall. Single leg deadlift (both sides)- Stand on your right foot, grab the kettle bell with your right hand, your left leg will go up in the air behind you as you push your hips back. Keep your right arm straight as you lower the kettlebell towards the ground. Push through your heel and stand up tall. Make it harder by putting the kettlebell in your left hand. Make it easier by using a wall or any sturdy object to help your balance. Repeat on the other leg.