I'm a big fan of those life hacks you will see on the Interwebs from time to time. This one is things to simplify your life, like using a straw to remove the stem from a strawberry.   Which works really well if you've never tried it, by the way. Push the straw through the bottom of the strawberry and it pops the stem right off at the top.   Just don't believe the hype on the folding a fitted sheet one. That is impossible and can only be done by people born on a Leap Year during a full moon.   I wanted to offer 3 Fitness Hacks that are fairly simple, but can speed your results up.   Problem 1- You're not a "regular" person   Constipation can not only cause you to hold onto excess weight, but can also lead to painful health problems.   Solution- Go against the usual advice   This may sound counter-intuitive to traditional advice, but research has backed it up. If you are suffering from constipation, try reducing the amount of fiber you take in. Also, make sure you drink a large glass of water right when you wake up in the morning.  


Problem 2- Your heels come off the ground when you squat   When your heels come off the ground when you squat, it begins to put pressure on your joints and tendons. This added pressure not only takes the focus away from the muscles you are trying to work, it makes you more susceptible to back strains, knee pain, and even plantar faciitis.   Solution- Ankle circles   A lot of times tight ankles are the cause of the heels coming off the ground while squatting. High heel shoe wearers are especially at risk. Try doing ankle circles every day.   Put your toes on the ground, heels are up in the air. Then start circling your foot around, almost like you are putting out a cigarette. And if you are smoking, go ahead and put that thing out. Do 10 circles in each direction, on each foot. images Problem 3- Your knees cave in when you squat   Just like your heels coming up, the knees caving in places strain where you don't want it and prevents improvements.   Solution- Shove your knees out   This is more of an awareness thing. Think about 4 steps when you are squatting. 1. Sit back, instead of down (push your hips back) 2. Shove your knees out and keep them out on the way down, as well as the way up 3. Keep your chest up 4. Push through your heels as you stand up   If your knees continue to cave in towards each other, try wrapping a mini-band around your knees as you squat. I use this one from Perform Better. Helps give you a better feel for how you should be pushing out with your knees.   Hope you found these helpful!