Are you on the SAD eating plan? If you are then you fit right in with many of the people in America.
SAD=Standard American Diet
The SAD is characterized by:
-processed foods
-sugary drinks and desserts
-very little fruits and vegetables
-large amounts of refined grains
Sound familiar? If you are eating lots of fast foods and other "convenience" foods, then this is the types of foods you are taking in.
As you can guess, obesity is a major side effect of eating SAD. But it comes with a whole host of other problems:
-Cancer (especially colon cancer)
-Death from heart disease
-Kidney and gallbladder issues
Scary stuff right there. It's what one of the main reason I got involved in Isagenix. It is not perfect, but it is a whole heckuva lot better than the typical burger and fries meal!
A study from 2004 found that 3 out of 4 meals eaten outside of the home were fast food meals. Not many healthy options there. If fast food is a regular part of your nutrition plan, you have to change that. Period.
Get a game plan together for your meals, especially where you are at your weakest. Look at your eating habits throughout the week. Which meals do you struggle with the most? Start there, fix that first, and you are well on your way to not being SAD any more.