Have you ever heard the quote, "The best revenge is a life well lived."?   It really makes sense to me, but I see too many people going the complete opposite direction. I see more and more people who get hurt and then take it out on themselves.   It could be a spouse, family member, an employer, or any number of people that hurts them and it leads to self defeating behaviors and an overall negative attitude about life. They take solace in food, alcohol, solitude, anger, and many other destructive things.   They let themselves go completely and their health suffers tremendously.   Is that you? If you have gained more weight than you ever thought you would, what happened? Look back.   Do you remember a turning point? Chances are it leads back to some point where you were hurt.   Find that hurt and use it as fuel for success, rather than an anchor to hold you back.   Don't let that person continue to win!    The best way to get back at the person that hurt you is to forget them. You're worth the effort, so work on you and forget that hurt.