I'm fat I eat horrible I look terrible I never make progress I keep screwing everything up I can't do that I'm just not good at that I will never be able to do what she does I will never look like she does   Does any of that sound familiar?   I got together with some of my clients to see what has been working and what they have been struggling with. Many of them said similar things to what you see in the list above.   Unacceptable.    So here is my plan. I have enlisted the services of the health coach Holley Porter-Wright. A few months ago Holley led an emotional eating seminar that was transformative for so many of the attendees. She has an amazing ability to get to the heart of the problem and give options for a solution.   Our plan is to offer a life changing seminar called You Are Enough. Some of the things you will learn: -The best way to start any program to insure you will be successful -how to take the power away from the scale -how to finally feel good about your body, at any size -why the negative talk you say to yourself is so destructive -that you are ENOUGH This is going to be an empowering seminar and I am really excited about. The seminar will be Saturday, November 9th at 10:30am at the Yoga HOM studio. It is only $20 for the whole session and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. That is how certain we are that this will be a life changing event.   Space is limited, so please register today if you are going to come. You can register at the link here ----> You Are Enough