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The Iron Bowl Workout

Iron-Bowl-2013   Happy Iron Bowl Eve to you! This game is always a big deal in Alabama, but there year it is even bigger. The #1 team in the nation versus the #4 team in the nation, championships on the line.   People will be no longer speaking to several friends and family members after this. If you are unfamiliar with this rivalry, I'm not exaggerating.   The game is so nerve racking for some people they can hardly stand it. Why not put all the pent up aggression, nervous energy, and anger towards something else?   Introducing the Official Iron Bowl Exercise Game! Clay Travis is a well known sports write who has a CBS football drinking game. I can't really sponsor that, so I'm totally stealing his idea and just using exercise instead.   Every time something from the following list happens, you will have an exercise to go with it. Since these games last 3.5 hours you could accumulate a serious workout here.   1. Every time the announcers mention "divided houses" (Auburn and Alabama fans who are married) do 5 pushups. iron_bowl_house_divided 2. Every time they mention AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb do 5 pushups. If they also mention she is an Auburn grad, add 5 more on to that.

3. Every time Verne Lundquist says "Oh. My." do 15 jumping jacks. This alone could kill you. Verne_Lundquist 4. Every time an old coach for either team is talked about (The Bear, Chizik, etc…) do 20 squats.
Sorry, this picture gets me every time

Sorry, this picture gets me every time

  5. Every time Aubie is shown do 5 pushups. Sorry, this will cost you probably 80 pushups. 220px-Aubie_Flag 6. Any time there is a turnover (by either team), do 10 burpees.   7. When Nick Saban is interviewed, do 5 squats every time he shrugs his shoulders.   8. Any time Gus Malzhan's high school coaching career is mentioned, do 30 mountain climbers.   9. Any time a fan is shown looking dejected/with his or her hands on their head, do 20 pushups. dejected fan 10. Every time they reference Tre Mason's dad being in De La Soul, hold a plank for 30 seconds. De-La-Soul-3-Feet-High-And-Rising 11. If your team is losing at half time, go for a long soul searching walk. Regroup.   12. If they mention an infamous interview with Gus Malzhan's wife, do 20 sprints in your yard if you are a Bama fan. If you are an Auburn fan, turn your TV off. 1322399231-malzahn 13. Every mention of Saban going to Texas will get you Auburn fans 5 sprints. Bama fans can angrily tweet at whichever announcer keeps mentioning it.


13. Any time Gary Danielson arrogantly talks about a bad decision by the quarterback on your team, do 10 pushups. images 14. Every time Verne seems like he is having way too much fun pronouncing names like CJ Uzomah or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, do 5 burpees.   15. If your team wins, sprint around the block as fast as you can. If your team loses, angrily chase the winning fans in your neighborhood.   Best of luck to your team today! Either way, it's just a game being played by giant teenagers. Enjoy it for what it is and have fun.  
Football capital of the United States

Football capital of the United States

Getting rid of the holiday bloat

Me. Every. Single. Year.

Me. Every. Single. Year.

Man I love the holidays! Friends, family, getting fat. You heard me, I love eating food that is terrible for me. Who doesn't?   This is a special time and I think people should enjoy it. The only problem is I feel terrible and walk around for days feeling swollen afterwards. You ever feel like that?   This year I am trying something new. I'm doing a 9 day fat burning and cleanse plan starting on Monday, December 2nd. The plan includes: -2 Cleanse for Life™ -1 IsaLean® Shake -1 Natural Accelerator™ -1 Isagenix® Snacks! -1 System Guide -1 Cleansed for Life DVD   It will work out great because I can get to back to feeling normal, but not run into the Christmas holiday season. This is all stimulant free and is not a cleanse where you just starve yourself.   If you would like to join me, order your products today so they can get here on time! I will help coach you through and we can help keep each other motivated. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here is the link to order yours today:   9 Day System   Hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving, I'm very grateful for the opportunity to help you get healthy!

9 Steps To Breaking the Brownie Chain

RobertBrownieJr   We've all been there at some time. Especially this time of year. Let me walk you through what I call the Brownie Chain.   1. Buy brownies (It's for the kids!) 2. Leave brownies on the kitchen counter 3. Get tired and or bored 4. Get "hungry" 5. Walk into kitchen 6. Grab a brownie (or 4) and head for the TV 7. Eat a bunch of brownies in a short amount of time 8. Feel guilty, feel like you are a failure 9. Think of yourself as weak willed and a person who can never do things right so what try? Then the chain starts over with you going and getting more brownies. EatingBrownies   Or you can insert whatever your food weakness is in there. We've all been there!   So what do we do about it? Let's give a solution for each number from above.   1. The easy answer is to not bring it into the house! Never shop hungry, always use a list, have someone else do the shopping, and if you have to have brownies try buying a mix rather than pre-made brownies, cookies, cakes, etc…   2. Out of sight out of mind! If you leave them out where you can see them, you will crave it every time.   3. It's ok to take a nap! They can be very beneficial to your health. Or you can always try that exercise stuff, some say it has magical energizing properties.   4. The big thing here is to figure out if you are hungry or you are just having a craving. Drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. If you are still hungry, then have something to eat. You can always use the rule we use with my son. If you are truly hungry you will eat vegetables.   5. If it is not time to eat or cook, stay out of the kitchen. Otherwise you wind up doing what I call fridge surfing. You ever go in there and start looking in the fridge to see what's in there? It's my fridge, why do I expect magical extra food to be in there? Find something else to do and somewhere else to go.   6. Sit down at a table and enjoy your brownie! Focus on how awesome it tastes, don't focus on the TV, a book, or your cell phone.   7. Slow down! This one gets back to enjoying your treat. Put your fork down in between bites, if you are a fork type of person. I like to use a fork when I eat a Snickers for you Seinfeld fans. Just bring one of the brownies with you to the table, when you truly focus on eating one you will get much more out of it. george snickers   8. There are no bad foods! Food is meant to be enjoyed and you are not a bad person because you ate a "bad" food. Don't put food in that category and give yourself permission to enjoy foods you love. I feel like Holley Porter Wright.   9. Don't let a slip become a fall. No use beating yourself up over something in the past. It's all about the future baby, let's go.   My apologies if reading all of this has only succeeded in making you want to eat brownies.

The hungriest people but also the most obese people live here



I have a question for you. What state the most obese people? That's pretty easy right? It is Mississippi. For now any way, Alabama tends to sneak back on top every now and then. But do you know what has the most hungry people? The answer to that is also Mississippi. How can that be? How can the people who have the most extra weight on them, still be hungry? There are several reasons, but the biggest cause is poor nutrition habits. People who struggle financially buy low cost, low nutritional value food that tends to be overly processed. In short, they are not eating enough calories so what they do eat gets stored as fat. And what they are taking in does nothing to nourish their bodies (no vitamins, nutrients, etc…), so they are still starving. This happens to people I train too. Have you ever gone on a diet that involved a heavy rotation of "healthy" microwave meals? You probably were not happy with the results and you more than likely stayed hungry. It doesn't have to be like that! Make sure you are eating nutrient dense foods. Nutrient dense foods are foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and fiber but not packed with calories. Such as black beans, eggs, apples, quinoa, and avocados to name a few.
I find this odd

I find this odd

One of the biggest take aways people get from being on the 30 day plan with Isagenix is that they aren't starving all day. The calories are reduced, but the calories you are taking in are nutrient dense calories so your body is more satiated. I truly believe in Isagenix or I would not recommend it to you. Also, think about the things you eat on a daily basis. Are they packed with nutrients or chemicals and other junk? A cool resource is The World's Healthiest Foods. you can go to this link and they list what they consider 126 of the world's healthiest foods.   As always, I am here to help if you ever need anything. Let me know how I can help you reach your goals.

JoeMama Care


JoeMama Care

A change you can believe in

How Facebook can help you sleep better, exercise more, and get rid of your depression


If you are on Facebook, you have probably noticed that a lot of people are talking about the things they are thankful for. I love it! Too often Facebook is a place where people go to do two things.

Brag or complain.




Especially the dreaded humble brag. "My Ferrari hasn't been washed since I got back from skiing with Lady Gaga in Vail. LOL!"

This all sounds nice, but what does being grateful have to do with your health? As it turns out, it has a lot to do with your health.

Studies have shown that people who show an appreciation for the things they are grateful in life experience the following benefits:

-less depression

-more optimistic

-less aches and pains

-better sleep

-less anxiety

-exercised more often

Another great thing about having an attitude of gratitude is the effect is has on your brain. When you are grateful it effects the part of that releases dopamine. It feels good to release dopamine, so this helps you continue to have that positive attitude so you can experience that feeling again.

Another benefit is that your brain is not a multitasker. When you are focused on the positive things in your life, you won't be focused on the bad things in your life.

All of you doing the Facebook gratitude thing, keep it up! Or you can keep a gratitude journal if you are a more private type. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life.

I recently wrote a letter (by hand!) to a coach I had in high school who helped me. It really did feel good to picture hime reading the how he positively effected my life. It was 20 years ago, but I still benefit from the things he taught me.

Think of ways you can be more grateful and you will feel better. It's science.

What’s working? Meg Nester addition.


 Flying Meg

I want to start giving you real life examples of what my clients do to achieve success. My hope is that you will find something in there that will help you with your fitness program.   We will start with Meg Nester, who won our Transformation Contest a few weeks ago. In 4 weeks Meg lost: -12.5 pounds -10 inches (including 3 off her waist) -6% body fat   And as a bonus, she managed to knock out a couple of triathlons. Let's learn a little more about Meg and what she does to excel.   1. Tell us a little about yourself (single, married, kids, work, business owner, hobbies)?   I'm married with two kids.  My boys are 7 & 4. I quit working when my oldest was born.  My background is in molecular biology, and I randomly worked as a horticulturist for a few years since I'm a plant junkie.

Meg and family

  I have about 8 zillion hobbies, but the top few are: glass enameling onto copper, cooking, gardening, woodworking/building, writing, and sewing.   My passion amongst all the hobbies is "upcycling" anything...making something beautiful or useful out of things that are no longer being used/appreciated.   2. How long have you been a member of ABC?   I started in January 2013.  BEST Christmas present EVER!   3. What do you enjoy most about working with ABC?   The variety of exercises keeps me interested and makes me feel like I'm getting a consistent full-body workout.  The people are amazing and supportive.  If I have to drag my arse out of bed that early I want to be with people who can make me laugh and who will encourage me when I'm having a slacker day.   4. Tell us your top success strategy, what has worked best for you?   Consistency.  I know I have to show up every day and be diligent about keeping my diet in check.  It doesn't mean I always do it...but I've seen what happens when I backslide, and I've seen how I can kick ass when I'm on top of it.  So like you've said in the past, I just need to own it.     5. A) What goals do you have for your health and fitness in the next 12 months?   I'd like to lose 5-10 more pounds, and continue to increase my strength. I want to maintain a "healthy" level of running, which for me is just enough to keep me doing 5K's and TRI's, but not enough to cause me more knee problems.   B) What goals have you reached over the last 12 months?   I have lost around 15 pounds (solid pounds that I've kept off...not all of the weight from the challenge stayed off...but I'm working on that). I've gotten a lot stronger.  I have re-balanced the strength in my leg muscles enough to really help with my knee troubles. My blood pressure has come down a good bit, and I feel less stressed overall.   C) Did you do anything different during the Transformation Contest?   I did a modified version of Fix Fat Forever.  I usually do an additional 3-4 workouts per week on top of bootcamp, and I definitely upped that a bit...tons of 2-a-days and extra running to get ready for my TRI. 6.    What is your...   A)  Favorite breakfast?   Ummm...favorite?  Or healthy favorite?  I can put some Eggs Benedict down!  But my usual breakfast is plain greek yogurt with raspberries and sprinkle of Kashi Go Lean for a little crunch.   B)  Your favorite post workout meal?   Ugh, I'm terrible about this.  I'm not usually hungry right after I workout.  Mornings are easy because I come home and have breakfast after bootcamp, but other workouts I just want water...or pretty much every edible thing in sight if I've done a TRI.   C)   Favorite exercise   Nothing makes me feel as centered and focused as core work.  It sticks with me all day and I notice the payoff more that anything else.   7.    If you could give one tip or piece of advice to a brand new member, what would it be?   You've got to get your diet in line with your goals.  And find something to reward yourself with besides food.  Get a pedicure, curl up with a great book, do something other than snarf down a big bowl of your favorite snack.  You just can't out-exercise a bad diet.  
Meg's secret to having muscular arms. 5,000 ginger curls a day.

Meg's secret to having muscular arms. 5,000 ginger curls a day.

Free Month of Boot Camp For a Deserving Veteran

veterans-day-courage     It is an amazing thing that we have people who are willing to put their lives on hold and their life on the line to defend this country. I've seen first hand the commitment and courage it takes to do so and it always impresses me.   I need your help to thank our veterans. I would like to give away a free month of boot camp to a deserving veteran. If you know of any woman in your life who has served or is serving, please nominate them. We will have a drawing tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.   Just send an e-mail to with their name and a way to get in touch with them. That is all it takes. Wouldn't that be a great surprise for someone right before Christmas? Just make sure they know it's nothing like that last boot camp they went through in the military 😉   This will be for the Tightening and Toning class that starts November 18th and will be our last class of the year. Thank you for your help!

Never let your butt go over your head and other tips for safer and more effective pushups

butt over head My clients probably don't appreciate my love of the humble pushup, but there is a reason I love this exercise. Most people know it as an upper body exercise (chest, shoulders, and triceps), but it also works the lower back, abs, back legs, and butt.


  Whether you are doing pushups on your toes, your knees, an incline, or a wall these tips can help you get more out of your pushups.   1. Don't let your elbows flare out It all starts with proper hand placement. Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders at the top of the pushup. As you lower yourself down, keep your elbows in close to your body. Think about keeping your elbows lined up with the middle finger on your hand. When the elbows flare out, you place more stress on the shoulders.   2. Push through your pits Focus on pushing with your armpits. This sounds weird, but will help you better recruit the muscles in your chest and triceps, gets the lats (the muscles on the side of your back) involved, and helps to protect your shoulders.   3. Never let your butt go over your head This is just good life advice in general, so there's that. It will also help you avoid a common problem of "piking" your hips up. Keep your butt muscles tight, your chin off your chest, and lower yourself down chest first.  This will give you a better range of motion and a more effective pushup.    

50 Sneaky Names For Sugar and how to kick the sugar habit in 3 weeks

Sugar   "I'm surrounded by sugar, send reinforcements!"   Have you thought that at all these past few days? The days before and after Halloween are some tough days in the war on fat.   I am good about avoiding sugar, when it is not around. But when it is in my house, it must be taken down and I am very qualified to do so. I am the guy that thinks it would be a little more "fun" if I didn't have to eat 20 tiny Snickers. Just make them bigger please. No self control.   I need to get off this stuff! Who's with me? Then, I want to share the 3 Week Sugar Cleanse from my Fix Fat Forever Weight Loss System with you.  
This simple, but effective process can help you wean off sugar and jumpstart your health and wellness plans. If you stick to this plan you can expect to: -lose weight -gain more energy -increase mental clarity -improve emotional well­-being.   Not too bad right? So, here we go:   For the first week, your main goal is to cultivate awareness and mindfulness. Practice reading labels and identifying all the sources of added sugar in your diet. I typed up a “50 Sneaky Names For Sugar" document to help with the detective work. A fun and slightly disturbing game is to look at the cereal you or your kids eat and see how many you can find in the ingredients.   50 sneaky names for sugar   This is a great way to teach kids to read nutrition labels as well, and most children enjoy being a nutritional detective. Plus kids will hold you accountable. As I have learned over the past few days with a stern 7 year old wondering why Kit Kat supply has dwindled. He knows the exact amount! I thought it was the perfect crime…   For the second week, start increasing your consumption of whole foods. By adding in healthful choices, you will cut out processed and packaged foods.  These foods are often our main sources of added sugar.   Make sure you pay attention to the beverages you consume as well, and, if possible, substitute sugary beverages with water and tea (not sweet tea, sorry). One word of caution: Artificial sweeteners do more harm than good, so you want to avoid diet drinks as well.   For the third and last week, avoid all forms of sugar and no artificial sweeteners either. You may choose to use natural sweeteners very sparingly if you have to and you can also sweeten your food using fruit juices or puree in very small amounts. The first couple of days may be a little tough, but you should be free of your sugar dependency by the middle of this third week.   If you would like to pick up a copy of the Fix Fat Forever Weight Loss System, you can get one here --->Fix Fat Forever Your results are guaranteed or your money magically returns. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.
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