veterans-day-courage     It is an amazing thing that we have people who are willing to put their lives on hold and their life on the line to defend this country. I've seen first hand the commitment and courage it takes to do so and it always impresses me.   I need your help to thank our veterans. I would like to give away a free month of boot camp to a deserving veteran. If you know of any woman in your life who has served or is serving, please nominate them. We will have a drawing tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.   Just send an e-mail to with their name and a way to get in touch with them. That is all it takes. Wouldn't that be a great surprise for someone right before Christmas? Just make sure they know it's nothing like that last boot camp they went through in the military 😉   This will be for the Tightening and Toning class that starts November 18th and will be our last class of the year. Thank you for your help!