RobertBrownieJr   We've all been there at some time. Especially this time of year. Let me walk you through what I call the Brownie Chain.   1. Buy brownies (It's for the kids!) 2. Leave brownies on the kitchen counter 3. Get tired and or bored 4. Get "hungry" 5. Walk into kitchen 6. Grab a brownie (or 4) and head for the TV 7. Eat a bunch of brownies in a short amount of time 8. Feel guilty, feel like you are a failure 9. Think of yourself as weak willed and a person who can never do things right so what try? Then the chain starts over with you going and getting more brownies. EatingBrownies   Or you can insert whatever your food weakness is in there. We've all been there!   So what do we do about it? Let's give a solution for each number from above.   1. The easy answer is to not bring it into the house! Never shop hungry, always use a list, have someone else do the shopping, and if you have to have brownies try buying a mix rather than pre-made brownies, cookies, cakes, etc…   2. Out of sight out of mind! If you leave them out where you can see them, you will crave it every time.   3. It's ok to take a nap! They can be very beneficial to your health. Or you can always try that exercise stuff, some say it has magical energizing properties.   4. The big thing here is to figure out if you are hungry or you are just having a craving. Drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes. If you are still hungry, then have something to eat. You can always use the rule we use with my son. If you are truly hungry you will eat vegetables.   5. If it is not time to eat or cook, stay out of the kitchen. Otherwise you wind up doing what I call fridge surfing. You ever go in there and start looking in the fridge to see what's in there? It's my fridge, why do I expect magical extra food to be in there? Find something else to do and somewhere else to go.   6. Sit down at a table and enjoy your brownie! Focus on how awesome it tastes, don't focus on the TV, a book, or your cell phone.   7. Slow down! This one gets back to enjoying your treat. Put your fork down in between bites, if you are a fork type of person. I like to use a fork when I eat a Snickers for you Seinfeld fans. Just bring one of the brownies with you to the table, when you truly focus on eating one you will get much more out of it. george snickers   8. There are no bad foods! Food is meant to be enjoyed and you are not a bad person because you ate a "bad" food. Don't put food in that category and give yourself permission to enjoy foods you love. I feel like Holley Porter Wright.   9. Don't let a slip become a fall. No use beating yourself up over something in the past. It's all about the future baby, let's go.   My apologies if reading all of this has only succeeded in making you want to eat brownies.