evil-santa Santa Claus is awesome. He brings cheer, presents, and joy wherever he goes.   But Santa has a dark secret.   Santa wants you to be jolly and round just like he is. He dispatches his Keebler elf Special Forces team to bring sweets and vast amounts of food everywhere you go. Shopping puts you on the Nice list, while exercise puts you on the Naughty list. "Adult" Christmas cheer is brought in by his Budweiser Clydesdale Calvary unit.   Santa has vast resources, years of experience, and an iron will to crush your healthy holiday plans.   Not this year fat man!   It is time to fight back against the 3 main forces Santa will deploy: overeating, no time to exercise, and alcohol consumption.   Parties, family gatherings, luncheons (I'm 36 and I still don't know what all a luncheon entails), people bringing in baked goodies at work; there are so many traps you need a plan to overcome it all.   Here are a few simple plans you can use: -bring your own healthy dish to the party top make sure there is at least one healthy thing there - eat only the food you really like so you don't waste calories on the other foods - fill your plate with vegetables - throw away your plate right after you finish to avoid eating seconds. Note-if it is a real plate, don't let the oct see you do this. - eat with your weak hand to slow down your eating.   Spare time for exercise tends to get filled with other activities, so you need to change up your exercise methods. -Increase your exercise intensity and decrease your rest breaks -break your workouts into mini segments throughout the day - find one of the many 10 minute workouts that are out there - exercise early in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day take over -find some way to get your exercise in. No excuses, you need exercise for stress relief especially at this time of year.   Not having an hour to workout is no reason to not exercise, you can fit it in if you make it a priority.   Holiday "cheer" is full of useless calories and can derail your fitness quicker than you think.I will have much more on alcohol and fat loss for you on Wednesday, but here are a few ways to reduce calories from alcohol:   -drink light or low calorie beer (genius huh?) -stay away from any pre-made mixtures -have a glass of water in between drinks (also better for your head the next day) - mix liquor drinks with tonic water instead of sodas and juices that are high in sugar and calories - find a designated driver that refuses to take you to Waffle House and/or Taco Bell.