The Wall Street Journal published an article in May that suggested that extreme running may be more detrimental to your health than eating cheeseburgers.

You can read the study ---->HERE

Personally I am a big believer in eating cheeseburgers, but that's just me…

The article has research that shows the health effects from running start to diminish when you run over 30 miles per week.

I found this quote to be the most interesting part of the article.

"Heart disease comes from inflammation and if you're constantly, chronically inflaming yourself, never letting your body heal, why wouldn't there be a relationship between over exercise and heart disease?"

-said John Mandrola, a cardiac electrophysiologist and columnist for 


The key from that quote is the "never letting your body heal" part. With any kind of exercise, you have to let yourself recover properly.

If you are running strictly for weight loss, I would recommend changing to shorter, more intense workouts like we do at boot camp. I also do these type of workouts myself.

These workouts will get you toned up and feeling great in less time per day.  You can get a full body workout in with a 20 minute workout.

Pick out 5 exercises (Legs, Shoulders, Chest, Back, and Core is a good template to use), then do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, and then move on to the next exercise.

Go through the list 4 times total. You will strengthen your body and burn tons of calories. You can have endless options for exercises to plug into a workout that style.

PS- If you are running because that is what you love to do and you are following proper recovery protocols, keep it up! I will never discourage someone from being active.