A true Valentine

A true Valentine

Working out alone can be tough. I've done many a workout in my cold garage all alone. When you wear American flag pants, it can be difficult to get people to hang out with you.

The airbrushed wolf Burpee shirt is not helping my cause

The airbrushed wolf Burpee shirt is not helping my cause

But enough about my sad life, let's talk about working out with a partner. When you workout with a partner you will work harder, have more fun, and you will get better results.

Step one, find a partner. It can be a significant other, a friend, a child,  or just someone who is not wearing flag pants.

Step two, do this short, but fun workout:

1. High knees

One partner holds their hands up level with their partner's waist. The other partner will march or run their knees up to those hands. Go as hard as you can for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, and then let the other partner go. Each partner will go 4 times.

In case you don't know the rules

In case you don't know the rules

2. Paper, Rock, Scissors Squats

 Each partner will hold a squat, at the bottom of the squat you will do the traditional "Paper, Rock, Scissors, Go!" format. If you win, you get to stand up for a few seconds and rest. If you lose, you continue holding your squat. Do this for 60 seconds, rest 30 seconds, and do 4 rounds total.

3. High five pushups

You will live up head to head with your partner. Lower down into the pushup at the same time, come up together, and at the top give them a high five or a fist bump. During cold and flu season I recommend a fist bump. Do this for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds for 4 rounds.

4. Annoying planks

One partner will hold a plank. The other partner will wrap a towel or band around their partner's hips. While the partner is holding the plank, the other partner will begin lifting up, pulling sideways, and generally making a nuisance out of themselves to make the plank harder. Each partner will do 4 rounds, 30 seconds each round.

5. Finisher-Shoulder press and squat hold

Using dumbbells or bands, one partner will do 15 shoulder presses while the other will hold a squat. As soon as the partner finishes their presses, the partners will change exercises. Go back and forth, getting as many rounds as possible in 2 minutes

These are the types of workouts that we do at boot camp. Each partner can work at their own pace and on their level.

Give it a try, then you can eat your Valentine's Day meal with a revved up metabolism.