GeorgeWashingtonNutrition Happy President's Day to you! People don't get typically get excited about today do they? When I worked for the government I did because they have so many sweet holidays.   Now? Not so much.   That changes today! A week of being snowed in immediately followed by Valentine's Day has been wreaking havoc on good nutrition everywhere.   There was so much sugar being eaten, people were putting sugar into snow and eating it! Crazy talk.   So I am excited to tell you The Fix Fat Forever Weight Loss System is on sale today. This has been the most effective weight loss plan I have ever offered. Most importantly, the weight will come off and stay off with this plan.   It includes:
-Done-for-you meal plans (one plan specifically for women and one specifically for men) to tell you exactly what whole foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner -Why "diets" don't work -The dangers of restrictive diets -3 Week sugar detox plan -Ten ways to avoid the overweight trap -Medical conditions and weight gain -My 3 steps to beating cravings -Instant flat belly strategies -Delicious and healthy recipes that don't take hours to make   To get your discount, click on the link below, click on Add to cart, enter TAFT in the coupon code section, and then elect Apply.   Fix Fat Forever   You history buffs may appreciate the Taft reference. As with all of our products, this comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I don't want your money if it doesn't help you.   Pick it up today and let me know how well it works for you!