The weather was so beautiful yesterday! I celebrated by taking a nap, then waking up and eating a brownie.

I know how to party, thank you very much.

My son was invited to go hang out with one of his buddies that day too. After the brownie met an untimely death, I gave him a ride over there. My son, not the brownie.

After I dropped him off, I felt something calling me. Beckoning me.

In my boot camp, it goes by a simple, two word name.

The Hill

My son's friend lives a couple of blocks away from this giant hill we run/walk/crawl occasionally in class. It is on the corner of Whitesburg and Airport Road if you are making a historic Huntsville map.

Hill running/crawling/walking is an excellent workout that just about anyone can do. It is actually lower impact on your joints that regular running. Great way to get a great workout in a short amount of time.

Sometimes I have to just start doing something I don't want to do before I talk myself out if it. Do you ever do that?

So I parked my truck, hopped out, and immediately took off up this hill.

Mistake- not warming up

Even bigger mistake- eating a brownie and drinking a cup of coffee beforehand

Another mistake- having a mullet for a few years in the 90s.

I wrote about breaking my own rules and having to pay for it with tempting food recently. I paid again, the run went about like you expect it would go. Not fun.

Well this whole brownie business broke another one of my rules.

Eat like you might be exercising within an hour.

Think about that one for a minute. Have you ever worked out after eating a heavy or sugar laden meal? It's not much fun and neither was this run.

Too much Vegemite, I've seen it a hundred times

Too much Vegemite, I've seen it a hundred times

Try using that as a rule of thumb for meal selection. It will help you think about making lighter, healthier food choices.

Or if you ignore that rule, stay away from all hills until you are fully digested and ready. Some things are best learned from other people's bad times.