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Something for your mind, body, and soul



Hopefully we are through with all of the dangerous weather that has been in our area lately. Hope your friends and families made it through safely.

We have been trapped indoors long enough. It is time to take things outside.

Here are the top 10 reasons, you should exercise outside.


1. 50% greater improvement in mental health over gym workouts.

2. It decreases tension, anger, confusion, and depression

3. Increased rates of exercise compliance (easier to stick to your workout routine).

4. Vigorous, outdoor exercise increases energy and alertness better than a cup of coffee.

5. Much higher Vitamin D levels. In a related note, people with low Vitamin D levels are twice as likely to be overweight than people with normal to high levels if Vitamin D.

6. Adventure Boot Camp is outside. Just putting that out there.

7. Test subjects scored 50% better on a creativity study after exercising outdoors.

8. No need to worry about germs on the equipment or waiting on the guy who is reading a novel while camped out on the piece of equipment you need.

9. Better way to increase your fitness level, especially for runners. Dealing with wind, temperature changes, different terrain, etc... makes your body work harder, expend more energy, and become more resilient.

10. Helps you sleep better at night.

Even if you can't exercise outdoors every day, try to sneak in at least one workout per week outside.

Get some fresh air, sunlight, movement, sweat, and maybe even have a little fun while you're at it.

You will be amazed at what that can do for your mind, body, and soul.


Negativity Detox Challenge #2



How did your first week go on the Negativity Detox Program?

If you missed it, the first challenge was to go without talking on your phone, listening to the radio, etc… while you were in the car this week. Or as an alternative, you could try to find 30 minutes in the day of silence.

I discovered a few things:

-I am a terrible singer, but an awesome steering wheel drummer

-It really spurred my creativity and I have a bunch of cool things mapped out for my business and personal life

-My conversations with my son were much more meaningful

-My son talks a lot

-It’s a great way to clear your head and think clearer

Your challenge this week. I want you to spend some time each day this week thinking about all your body has been able to accomplish and all that it will accomplish in the future.

 I know so many women that consider themselves a failure because they are overweight or have certain body parts they are not happy with. Women that have accomplished so much in their life, but still consider themselves a failure because of their body.

If you look back at all your body has been able to do it is truly amazing. Are you a mom? Do you realize the trauma your body was able to make it through?

This is not the time to think about all the things you can’t do or that your stomach doesn’t look like you want it to. I’m sure you think about that enough.

Your body is an amazing thing and you should learn to appreciate it. Stop beating yourself up!

-Think you’re too far out of shape to even start working out? Then you are exactly who needs to workout!

-Think you’re so overweight, what’s the use in even trying? You can make it happen.

-Think you can’t even walk a mile, how would you ever run a 5K? People just like you do it every day.

If you’re still breathing you have a chance to reach your goals. Negative self talk only sets you back.

All you have to do is put it in your mind that it is POSSIBLE. Don't worry about how you are going to make it happen, just that it is something that is possible.

This week your challenge is to take at least 5 minutes every day to think nothing but positive thoughts about your body.

5 Ways To Get More Energized

Every. Friday. Afternoon.

Every. Friday. Afternoon.

Have you had a long week? Feeling beat down by the end of the work week? You are not alone.

Do you know what one of the most common reasons people cite for going to the doctor? Fatigue. A lot of us just do not have any energy.


 Here are 5 ways to get more energized:


1. Take some deep breaths

Sometimes your blood doesn't have enough oxygen and too much carbon monoxide, which makes you tired and increases blood pressure and heart rate. Breath in through your nose for 5 seconds and out of your mouth for 10 seconds. An added bonus is it will help you relax and help get rid of stress.

2. Move more

Desk jobs can be exhausting. When your body sits still for long periods of time it thinks it is nappy time. Every 30 minutes get up and walk around, or at the very least do some stretching.

3. Stop skipping breakfast

I should be a lobbyist for Big Breakfast as much as I am always talking about eating breakfast. Eating breakfast will jump start your metabolism, give you sustainable energy throughout the day, and help you make better choices throughout the rest of your day.

4. Stop slouching

Mama told you stand straight up! Slouching can be a real problem. It causes the whole body to have to work harder and can put excess strain on your hips and lower back. It can even effect your breathing when you are all Crouching Person Hidden Lungs.

Plus you look taller when you stand straight up. My younger brother came home from Marine boot camp a few years ago and looked 6 inches taller, simply because his posture was amazing.

Nearly every job revolves around the computer these days, so bad posture is getting more and more common. Check in with your posture right now (before you read about what bad posture does to you).

Tip-your ears should be lined up with your shoulders when you have good posture.

5. Find something that excites you

You know how you will be right in the middle of something you love doing and all you can think about is how tired you are? No! Of course you wouldn't be thinking that.

What excites you? A project? An event you have coming up? Fight Club?

Rule breakers

Rule breakers

You need things in your life that get you excited and fired up. That will be your number one of staying energized.

Nothing beats you down and makes you feel exhausted like a boring life with no light at the end of your tunnel. Bonus points if it is something that excites and scares you.

Don’t do boot camp before going to the dentist


With the popularity of activity and food tracking apps, I get asked a lot how many calories does an hour of boot camp burn.

We have had people track their calories burned with monitors and depending on the workout it is anywhere from 350-800 calories per hour for an average size woman. Not every workout will be that high or that low.

Your size, the type of workout, and how hard you are working will all factor in as well.

The main benefit of the type of workouts we do is not just what happens during the workout, it is what happens afterwards.

There is something known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), sometimes called the Afterburn effect, that occurs after a tough workout.

Basically it is continued calorie burn that happens as the body tries to put itself back together like Humpty Dumpty. Returning heart rate back to normal, repairing muscles, getting oxygen levels back to normal, and replacing energy stores (glycogen) all take calories to get the body back to its normal resting state (homeostasis).

In more laymen terms, it revs up your metabolism like crazy. I also have an explanation in the form of a dental warning.

I had a client one time who had a dentist appointment a few hours after a 530am workout. She was having a procedure done that required dentist numb her mouth.

There was only one problem. Shortly after they numbed her mouth, it would go away quickly and she could feel things you don't want to feel at the dentist.

The dentist was at a loss until he figured out my client had been at boot camp that morning. Her metabolism was up so high that it would get rid of the numbing medication in no time.


Awesome for burning calories, not so much for being pain free at the dentist's office.

You can not get this afterburn effect from walking or low intensity exercise. You have to work hard and you will be out of breath, but it will pay off.

Come join us at our class that starts on Monday if you want to see for yourself how it works. Or get in touch with me and I can help you figure out a plan that works for you.

Negativity Detox Series


Let’s face it. We are living in a Golden Age of haters. TV, radio, movies are all chock full of conflict and negativity.

And then there is the capital city of Haterdelphia, the Internet. Which is basically a breeding ground for a super species of negative people who feed off of making people upset.

Quick tip- If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t put it on the Internet.

So here’s is what I came up with to combat all the stress and negativity that we are surrounded with.

A Negativity Detox Program

One of our most successful programs is the 21 Day Belly Blast program that detoxes your body of processed and junk foods. That works great, but if you are stressed you will not be able to lose fat.

Chances are very good that you have a lot of stress in your life right now.  It is just the world we live in.

Over the next 10 weeks I will offer one challenge every Monday for the week. The purpose of these challenges will be to purge you of the negative influences in your life and replace them with new positive thoughts and actions.

To many of you this may sound silly, I understand. But if you are willing to trust me and just give it a try, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel.

First Week Challenge

Might as well start with one of the toughest ones first. When you are riding in the car this week, do not listen to the radio, talk on the cell phone, text, or anything other than drive.

A lot of the stress we have in our lives is from sensory overload. Stop what you are doing right now and just pay attention to all that is going on around you right now. AC blowing, radio on, people talking, lights flashing, etc…

There is a lot going on! You may not notice it, but your body does and all of that adds up. Give your body a break.

Now if you have to handle work or kid related things in the car, I understand. Do what you gotta do, but stick to the plan when you can.

The goal is to get 30 minutes/day of quiet time. You can do that at home or anywhere else as well. The car just seems to be the easiest place for most people.

Use that time to plan out your day or week, plan your meals for the day, pray, meditate, problem solve, or whatever you deem appropriate.

You will be amazed at how much clearer your thoughts are without Ke$ha blasting in the background. That 30 minutes a day of focused time can make a huge impact on your life.

I'm doing this plan right along with you. So if you need some support and someone to keep you accountable reach out to me. I will be struggling just like you!

I am looking forward to the next 10 weeks with you, glad you are on board.

Carbs are the devil!



There is an enemy amongst us. He is single handedly making us all fat.

His name?

Carbohydrates (AKA carbs)

If you believe a lot of the media and the interwebs this is the gospel truth.

Carbs are not the enemy! You just need to replace the "bad" carbs (processed foods) with "good" carbs (stuff that comes from the Earth).

Do you eat low carb, reduced carb, or carb free foods?

Would you like to know what food manufacturers do to reduce carbs in the foods they make? Here are 3 things they do:

-replace refined wheat flour with soy flour, soy protein, or wheat protein

-add high fat ingredients

-replace sugar with sugar alcohols (look for maltitol, lactitol, sorbitol on food labels) or artificial sweeteners

Not the worst things in the world, but not exactly optimal for your health either.

Whenever the food manufacturers make a food "reduced" or free of fat/carbs/sugar/whatever, they are replacing that missing ingredient with something else.

Often times they replace it with something you don't want in your body.

Here is the take home message. The more often you can eat whole, natural foods the easier it will be for you to reach your goals.

You will look, feel, and perform better when your body is being fed things it knows how to use.

PS-starting Monday I am going to re-run a popular series I did awhile back. It is my 10 Week Negativity Detox Series.

Great way to rid yourself of toxic people, places, and things that are holding you back.

What happens when you don’t plan things out



I was making a video for you all about why boot camp works so well for so many people. My intention was to talk about all the things that make boot camp so special.

Things were going awesome until I noticed what I was unintentionally spelling. It totally threw me off my game, but I pressed on with the video.

Because that is what pros do.

So if you were like me and you had a bad day yesterday, this might help get your day started on a lighter note.


If you like to have a good time while you workout, you don't take yourself too seriously (or expect your trainer to be), and you are looking for something new take advantage of our New member special.

New member special



Have you been wanting to try out boot camp, but you have been on the fence? We want to make it a little easier.

We are running a new member special right now. You can get 4 weeks of unlimited boot camp for $99.99.

This deal is good for any class time (530am, 830am, 530pm) and is good for Huntsville as well as Madison.

Warning, this class is habit forming. If you do not want to become addicted to exercise, do not go here --->New member special 

20 ways to jump start your results



Are you in a rut? Are you overwhelmed?

Does it seem like you have so far to go, what's the use in even trying?

I've been there my friend, it is a hard place to be in.

You know how you get out of that place?

One action step at a time. Below are 20 examples of what that one thing could be.

1. Get the junk food out of your house

2. Stand up for 5 minutes every hour

3. Avoid fast food this week

4. Eat one healthy meal today

5. Take a 10 minute walk

6. Use a foam roller for 10 minutes

7. Floss (it adds 6 years to your life)

8. Stretch for 10 minutes

9. No liquid calories today (soft drinks, alcohol, coffees, etc…)

10. Commit to one workout (I know a great boot camp if you need it)

11. Turn the TV off and go to bed on time

12. Take 10 minutes of absolute quiet by yourself to de-stress

13. Find someone who will keep you accountable (friend, trainer, group)

14. Go buy some new workout clothes or shoes

15. Write down your goals where you will see them daily

16. Rather than creating excuses for not getting healthy, create a plan

17. Start a sleep routine you will do every night

18. Eat a vegetable you've never tried this week

19. Do your measurements so you can see how far you are about to go

20. Get negative people (AKA energy vampires) out of your life

The list could be thousands of things, but I want you to think of one specific thing you will commit to TODAY to take action on.

Ah screw it, I’m eating pizza and donuts

Very convenient for my new plan, thank you

Very convenient for my new plan, thank you

Picture yourself happily driving down the road, letting your mind wander, and thinking about all the many things going on in your life.

That's when it happens.

Bang! You hit a curb REALLY hard.

You get out to inspect your car and you find out you popped a tire. Your next move? You go around to the rest of the car and pop every single tire of course!

Why? Because you screwed up!

What? You wouldn't do that? Sounds crazy, but I bet you have done pretty much the same thing.

Have you ever been doing really good on a nutrition or exercise program, have a slip up, and then just go NUTS on a binge, go completely sedentary, and just give up?

"Well I already blew it with the pizza on Friday, might as well drink a party ball of Budweiser and eat a dozen donuts."

Also, very convenient for me

Also, very convenient for me

Weren't those things called party balls back in the day? Seems about right.

Anyway, the point is to not blow it all based on one slip up!

Build some cheat meals into your plan, practice portion control, just go for a walk, show up at an exercise class, eat a little healthier every day, stop expecting perfection from yourself.

Do one little thing to get you back in the groove.

The main thing is to stop beating yourself up about food. Stop beating yourself up because you missed a week of working out.

Start thinking big picture. A week of "bad" eating and a week off from working out will not defeat you. You will be fine, you just need to get back to work.

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