I feel like you should know that I have terrible vision. Do you ever go to a new eye doctor and they call in extra people to observe the freak with the 20/8000 vision?

It has happened more than once to me.

Remember the Hubble telescope? I order my glasses from the people who designed that.

Mr. Martin your glasses are ready for pick up

Mr. Martin your glasses are ready for pick up

As part of any eye exam, they make you take your contacts out. Then the observe>call in people>order from NASA process happens.

One time as I am gathering my dignity up, I am putting my contacts back in. The doctor happens to catch me in my contact-putting-in procedure and says, "Oh my gosh! Do you always do that like that???"

That's a good feeling.

I told him I have been doing it like that since I was 12 years old. Turns out the way I put contacts in is very similar to someone trying to commit suicide via eye pokes.

What can I say? I blink a lot so it has to happen fast. I had no idea I was putting in contacts like a psychopath. I needed someone to tell me.

This is the importance of getting fresh eyes (pun intended) on how you do your workouts. You may have no idea that the way you squat is the equivalent of the eye gouge contact move.

Sometimes it is little tweaks that can make a huge difference in not only your results, but preventing injury. For example, squatting is not bad for your knees but improper squatting is.

Find a trained professional (I don't recommend your spouse, even if they are a fitness professional) that can look at your form, let you know how it looks, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Especially if you have an exercise that doesn't feel right to you. Always listen to your body, it knows stuff.