Never Give Up

I came across an amazing story about a high school football player. All he does is snap the ball for kicks. That’s his one job. 

His coach says he is the best long snapper he has ever seen. The kid practices before and after school to be the best. Now he is getting a chance to play college football.

This would be a pretty cool story on its own, but I left out one important fact.


He is blind.


I wonder how many people told him he would never play football. How many told him he was crazy for trying.  That his dream was for other people.

I wonder how many people gave him excuses he didn’t want? 

A few weeks ago, we had a young lady come try out our boot camp class in Madison. She couldn’t do everything, but she was willing to modify and work as hard as she possibly could.

This isn’t that unusual because we specialize in working around what people can’t do and helping them excel at what they can do. We welcome anyone who is willing to work hard.


Something  special about her is that the right side of her body is paralyzed. What’s even more special is that she doesn’t let it define her or hold her back.


She joined our next 4 week boot camp that starts in June. I can't wait to see the progress she makes.


Don’t let anything hold you back that you find worth doing.

Don’t accept other people’s excuses for you.

Don’t accept excuses you give yourself.

There is so much power in perseverance. It will continue to grow like a muscle, you just need to keep working at it. 

What excuse is holding you back today? Let this be the last second of your life that excuses hold you back.


Never settle and never give in.