I think I covered all of the topics that help you get more traffic to your site. Now buy my stuff. Is that how this works?

One-third of the world is overweight or obese, health care costs are going through the roof, and we are worried about dudes working out with no shirts and tall socks doing unspeakable things to a medicine ball?

"But they get hurt ALL the time!" you say. Bad trainers of all types hurt people. Hate on bad trainers, don't paint Crossfit with a broad brush.

These are grown ups making their own decisions about their fitness needs. I'm ok with that. Why aren't you?

You should do your due diligence before joining any program. I know some excellent Crossfit trainers who have an extremely low injury rate at their box.

Little tip for you though. If you pull up to a box and the handicapped spaces are filled, might be time to look for a different box.

Just because something doesn't work for you, doesn't make it wrong for everybody.

If you like Zumba, go Zumba until your hips start telling lies.

You like yoga, get your Namaste on gurrrl.

If you like bodybuilding, strap on your Zubaz and let's do this.

If you like boot camps, then I know a guy.

If you like Shake Weights, well I'm gonna make fun of you. But don't let that hold you back!

If Crossfit is your thing, I salute you too.

If you are out moving, improving every day, and staying dedicated you will get better. Every kind of exercise works 100% better than sitting on the couch eating Cheetos for time.

Not sure when I turned into the Rodney King of fitness, but I think we are missing the big picture. I prefer to paraphrase the great John Wesley.