Have you ever heard of the broken window theory?

It is a sociological theory about what happens when there is an abandoned home with a broken window. If the broken window is not repaired before long all the windows will be broken.

Then this unchecked vandalism leads to bigger and more serious crimes and before you know it the neighborhood is a dangerous place to be. That simple, un-repaired window sends a message that no one cares and that anything goes.

This theory works both ways though. There was a housing project in Virginia that was scheduled to be demolished. Rather than let the area get trashed, a group of volunteers got together and fixed the place up.

They mowed overgrown grass, hauled off abandoned vehicles, picked up trash, etc... Not only did the area look a whole lot better, something amazing happened.

Robberies went down by 35%.

So my question for you is this. What broken window can you fix to improve for your health?

What can you do to send yourself a message that a healthier lifestyle change is always at the forefront of your mind?

Here are a few suggestions:

-keep liquid calories (sodas, alcohol, etc...) out of the house

-keep junk food out of the house

-have fresh vegetables and fruit easily accessible

-always have exercise clothes and gear with you

-stay around people who encourage you to get healthier

-get an awesome bed (worth every penny you will pay0

These are just a few broad ways you could set the tone for a healthier you. Look at your life and start identifying the "broken windows" in your life, then get to work fixing them.