verbal sunshine

Last week was an easy challenge for me. The challenge was to surround yourself with awesome. I'm very lucky to have an awesome family, boot campers, business associates, church family, and friends. Being around people that constantly lift you up is a priceless thing to have.

Have you ever heard of serotonin? It is commonly called the "feel good hormone" Helps you feel more positive about life and that your life is in balance.

Could you use a little of that?

It is estimated that serotonin levels are at their highest at 10am. Anybody wake up that late? By 10am I've been up for 6 hours!

Most normal people don't get up that early, but they are up by 6 or 7am. Why wait around until 10am to feel your best?

You can increase your serotonin through exercise and getting sunlight. or you can try this idea I got from Zig Ziglar. You can "jump start" your serotonin levels by doing something nice for somebody else.

How cool is that?

So the challenge this week is to give 2 genuine compliments to somebody before 10am. They have to be genuine and meaningful. "Hey your shoes sure do look tied today", is probably not going to cut it unless you are talking to a small child.

The challenge this week is to make someone else feel good, which will in turn make you feel good.