I was driving my son home from school one day and I asked him what he wanted to do when we got home. He pipes up with, "Daddy let's take our shoes off and go run." As a fitness professional/father this brought a tear to my eye. Just one, but still it was there. This is one of the biggest reasons I stay in shape! If my son wants to run around in the yard, walk on the Nature Trail, wrestle, play Army, shoot hoops, etc... My answer will never be "I'm too tired." It got me to thinking of how adults view exercise vs kids. Adults look at exercise as a chore that has to be done. Kids just want to kick their shoes off and run, just to run. No set distance or time or intensity. Just run. Now granted, his knees don't sound like Velcro when he moves like I do so of course he likes to run. But where did we go wrong? Do you dread your workouts? When was the last time you had a fun workout? It doesn't have to be miserable! I go to the gym occasionally and people look so unhappy to be there! Grim, bored faces pounding away on machines. I call it the "Time to make the donuts" workout. Do you remember that commercial?

TimeToMakeTheDonuts That robotic, going through the motions kind of workout. Put the fun back in your workouts! Switch it up, get outside, learn how to use your body again, and quit relying on machines. One of the things people love the most about boot camp is the fun factor. I pride myself on making exercise fun again. Don't get it wrong I didn't say easy, I said fun. I have some of the hardest working ladies ever for clients. But they also know how to enjoy themselves. When you combine sweat, fresh air, sunlight, and laughter; it is a magical and addicting combination. Just try it. Go out and run around in your yard or the park bare footed. Your neighbors may stare, but they get used to it. My neighbors have seen some sights over the past few years. Every now and then try to keep your workouts fresh with some unstructured, fun movement. Just. Go. Move. Remember how awesome being a kid was? Time to bring those times to adulthood.