Workout Excuse

Do you find yourself constantly skipping your workouts? You had good intentions of making it to your workout but you just can't seem to make it happen.

Life gets in the way some times, but if this seems to be happening over and over it needs to be addressed.

First you need to decide if the workouts you are doing are right for you. Are you skipping them because they make you miserable?

If you dread your workouts, something is wrong. Your body is meant to move! There will be soreness and your workouts should not be easy, but at some point you should start finding yourself looking forward to the experience.

If you enjoy the workouts, but can't seem to make it happen I have something weird for you to try. Weird, but awesome. Much like myself.

I want you to try doing a workout walk through.

If you think about it, almost every profession has a walk through to make sure things go like they are supposed to go.

When I played football, we would get out the day before the game and walk through the plays to make sure everybody knew what they were doing. This not only made sure we knew what we were doing, but helped to prepare us mentally for the game.

Bring that concept to your workouts. Picture yourself putting your workout clothes on, tying your spiffy workout shoes, and getting all the gear you need together.

Picture the drive there. Imagine yourself pulling up, well rested, excited about the workout, and ready to turn that mutha out.


Now imagine that I did not just use an MC Hammer reference.

Picture yourself going through the workout, giving it your all, and feeling satisfied at the end. You know that feeling you get after an awesome workout? That is the most important thing to remember.

I tell my clients all the time, just get to the workout and the rest will take care of itself.

Sounds crazy and probably a little silly to you, but I guarantee this can help you. Takes 5 minutes and you do not have to think about MC Hammer unless you want to.