Over the past 10 weeks we have had several challenges that were meant to decrease negativity and increase positivity in your life. The most valuable part for me is that it has made me stop and think about the things I do.

The last challenge will probably be the toughest challenge. Let's start the challenge this way.

I want you to think about someone who has hurt you. Either recently or in the past, doesn't matter which one.

Now take stock of how you feel. Research has shown that just thinking about someone you hold a grudge against can: raise blood pressure, make you sweat more, and makes your muscles tense up.

Any of those happen to you just now? Makes my jaw clench when I think about people I'm mad at.

That is why your challenge this week is to forgive someone who has hurt you. Here are a few benefits of forgiveness from the Mayo clinic:

-Healthier relationships

-Greater spiritual and psychological well-being

-Less anxiety, stress, and hostility

-Lower blood pressure

-Fewer symptoms of depression

-Lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse

You can literally improve your health by forgiving someone else. I would argue that there is an even more important component to forgiveness.

By forgiving someone you take the power away from the person who hurt you. When you hold onto a grudge they can continue to haunt your life and make you miserable. When you forgive, you take charge of your happiness.

I understand that some things seem unforgivable and some relationships seem like they can never be mended. Those things can take time and many times professional help to get through.

Get that help if you fall into that category. No need for shame and you deserve healing.

I've lost friends in the past over what I thought was the worst thing in the world. Then I look back and realize how stupid the whole argument really was.

Life is too short for petty grudges! That will never happen to me again. I hope the same for you.

Your final challenge is to forgive someone. Not because they deserve it, but because you do.