Summer is a busy time. A lot of traveling and activities that can take you away from your regular exercise plan.

If you have been struggling to fit your workouts in, I have a couple of quick ones you can use anywhere. You don't need any bulky equipment and they only take 20 minutes to do.

This and That Cardio and Core

First you will do This and then you will do That. Let the genius of that concept sink in.

You will alternate between the two exercises and see how many rounds you can get done in two minutes. Rest 60 seconds and then start the next set of exercises.

Set 1

20 Steps running in place

10 Second plank hold

Set 2

10 Belly Blasts

10 Mountain climbers

Set 3

20 punches

10 Body Saw Planks

Set 4

10 second Side plank right

10 second side plank left

Set 5

20 Jumping jacks

20 Bicycles

Set 6

10 Jumps (or calf raises)

20 Flutter kicks


10 jumping jacks, 10 punches, 10 flutter kicks, 10 bicycles. As many rounds as possible in 2 minutes

Guns and Buns

Set up 4 points in your room. Designate each area an exercise for the following exercises:


Jump Squats


Skier swings

Ideally there would be at least some distance in between the exercises. You will do walking lunges (or do a squat, then take 2 steps), from one exercise to the next. If there is no room to travel do 15 seconds of walking lunges or squatting and stepping in between exercises.

You will do 10 reps of each exercise until you get through all of the exercises. Then you will do 9 of each, then 8 of each.

So it would look like this:

Walking lunges. 10 pushups. Walking lunges 10 jump squats. Walking lunges. 10 Dips. Walking lunges. 10 Skier swings. Walking lunges. 9 pushups, etc...

Set a timer at 20 minutes and see if you can get through the whole list. If you get all the way through, note your time and try to beat it next time.

If you don't get all the way through, make a note where you stopped, and make it a goal to finish. It is 55 reps of each exercise, plus a ton of walking lunges.

Hope those help you find a way to stay active and healthy during these busy summer months.