Calendar July 2014

This past weekend my boot camp celebrated its 5 year anniversary with a big party. It was awesome, but now there is a video of me doing The Worm floating around. There goes my political career.


If you have ever planned a big party or event you know it can be very overwhelming when you start thinking about all of the things that have to be done. Venue, food, decorations, set-up, and the list goes on and on.

If you were to try to do it all in one day it would crush your spirit. Instead of letting that overwhelm me, I decided to make progress towards getting the party setup every day for 30 days.

So I got to my calendar, selected a 30 period, and every day I did something to get me closer to completing the task I circled that day. It could be something as small as "Tested out The Worm, still got it."

If I didn't do anything to get closer, I would leave the day untouched. The idea was to string together 30 straight days of successes.

I want you to do the same thing to help you reach your fitness goals. Let's say your goal is to: "Lose 30 pounds in the next 6 months so I can keep up with my kids when we play in the yard."

Starting today and continuing for the next 30 days, you will mark every day that you did something to get closer to your goal. It could be things like:

-Brought an apple and almonds for a snack today instead of going to the vending machine

-Went to boot camp today (a personal favorite of mine)

-Went for a 30 minute walk

-Prepped food for the week

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when you have so far to go. Don't let that discourage you!

If you will notice, I didn't say you had to mark down if you had lost weight every day. You mark down if you are doing the things it takes to get the weight down.

Don't wait, start your calendar today, and let me know how I can help along the way.