I heard a great definition of success from Dr. Ivan Misner, who is the founder of Business Networking International. He defines success as:

The uncommon application of common knowledge.

I think that is a great definition because it also applies to the fitness world. You know everything you need to know to reach whatever goals you have right now.

Would you agree with that? There may be some nuances you might not know, but most of what you need to do to on how to: lose weight, get stronger, run a 5K, etc... you probably already know.

The  ones who make things happen are the ones that apply the knowledge they learn. It is no use to collect a bunch of workouts, recipes, and meal plans if you're never going to use them!

You never need a perfect plan to get started, you just need to start. Usually what holds people back is that they have too much information.


Don't over think it, start here, and correct what is needed as you go. I guarantee you will make progress by using these 5 things.