One of my core values is: "Constant improvement through continuing education and applying it in the real world." I am an education junkie and love learning.


I wish I had loved learning when I was in school. That would have worked out great.

I picked up 32 interesting tidbits from a nutrition conference that I went to in Birmingham that I want to share with you. Feel free to question them, get clarification, agree, put them to use, whatever. The main thing I would like to do is open up a dialogue and help in any way I can.

Let me know what you think.

1. The number one reason for the obesity problem is this country is processed foods 2. The higher the intensity of the workout, the higher the need for protein 3. Fat and fiber slow digestion so avoid them pre-workout 4. It is impossible to count calories 5. If you are training really hard and restricting calories at the same time (to the extent you are missing your period). STOP! You are damaging your body and you are not getting results. 6. You will not gain weight if you meet your protein and carbohydrate needs 7. A few good options for pre workouts meals are: homemade smoothie with 1 cup milk and a banana, 1 string cheese and toast, 6 oz yogurt with 1/4 cup dry cereal 8. The closer you can eat to your workout the better (without upsetting your stomach of course) 9. The only time you need to eat something DURING exercise is when you are exercising for over an hour (I will now cease eating my candy bar in between squats) 10. Gulps rather than sips work better during a race (your stomach empties better with gulps) 11. The goals of a post workout meal are: STOP protein breakdown START protein synthesis REPLENISH glycogen stores (Joe interpretation- will help your muscles grow, recover faster, and be ready for your next workout) 12. You need to get fast acting protein and carbs into your system ASAP after a workout 13. If you wait longer than an hour after exercise to eat, it is too late to get all the benefits 14. Some quick, post-workout meals could be: protein shake, chocolate milk, cereal and milk 15. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's), like krill oil, are needed by everyone who exercises 16. EFA's are even being used to treat depression in some promising studies 17. Food diaries are very important 18. If you are not doing a food diary, you are afraid of confronting yourself 19. Evening exercisers have a hard time getting all their nutrients (have a tendency to skip dinner) 20. Eat SOMETHING before your workouts 21. Never eat after (insert a time you have heard you shouldn't eat past) is a myth 22. It's dark down there, your stomach doesn't know what time it is 23. The reason that myth came about was because people tend to eat junk after 7pm (ice cream, popcorn, crackers, chips) 24. Reflux is the only issue you may have to deal with in late eating 25. Weight come from calories in/calories out, your health comes from the TYPE of calories you put in 26. Athletic performance is about the training, weight loss is about the eating (very important tip to remember) 27. Inadequate B12 can lead to dementia 28. People overestimate how many vegetables they are eating 29. Do a food journal and you will see how little you really eat 30. 80-90% of can be accomplished with basic nutrition principles 31. Some principles of healthy eating: eat 5-6 times a day, get enough protein, eat breakfast, increase vegetable intake, reduce refined sugars 32. That principle looks simple enough, but how many people follow it?