I got out of the shower, dried off, got dressed, and started going about my usual business of changing the world. But something was not right.

In fact, something was stanking.

There is a difference between stank and stink, in case you didn't know. Stank is worse.

You know how it goes when something stanks around you. First thought is that there is no way it is you. But then sometimes, the horrible reality is that it is you and it is not good.

I was the one bringing the funk! What happened? I just took a shower 20 minutes ago. Then I realized the culprit. I had an FT on my hands.

That's right, I had a funky towel.

All of my hard work went down the drain because I dried off with a towel gone bad. Has that ever happened to you? It feels like a violation of the Shower Treaty of 1923.

Maybe you keep cleaner towels around, but maybe you've done something similar with your nutrition. Have you ever got home from a great workout and then ate the whole house? Or came home and ate nothing?

Last week I sent out a list of 32 Tips For Better Nutrition. It was a pretty big list, so I wanted to highlight one very important one.

One of the things I mentioned was the magic 30-60 minute window after a workout to get proper nutrition in. The three goals are of post workout nutrition are:

1. Stop protein breakdown

2. Start protein synthesis

3. Replenish glycogen stores

Basically that all means you will get better and faster results if you take advantage of the magic window. Just to clarify, this does not have to be a full meal to be effective.


If you are looking or the simplest way to get in post workout nutrition, I would suggest a quick protein shake. I especially like protein shakes during the summer when I don't always feel like eating solid food right after a hot workout.

You want a combo of fast acting carbs and protein in your post-workout shakes. If you are looking for a shake that has both of those ingredients already mixed in there, Prograde makes a product called Prograde Workout you can try.

Add water or almond milk, ice, shake or blend it up, and in less than a minute you are ready to go. Walmart sells a great shaker cup called a Blender Bottle. Seals up tight and prevents you from throwing protein shake everywhere.


The take home message is to really start focusing on your post-workout nutrition. If you haven't been taking advantage of that time, you will see great results when you start doing so this week.