For the most part, we all know what to do to reach our fitness goals. Eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep, etc…

The big question is, why aren’t we doing it? Our most important muscle not ready.

That is why your brain is the most important muscle for you to focus on. Two mental exercises you can start right away to get better results are visualization and focusing on the mind muscle connection.

Visualization is basically creating mental movies of you being awesome. Stole that definition right out of a psychology book.

Why would you ever picture yourself failing? It's your brain! You get to choose, so choose to focus on you getting better.

Imagine yourself looking, acting, and performing like you have always wanted to. This makes it seem within your grasp and gives you hope. All you need in life is a little hope to accomplish amazing things.

You can overanalyze and overthink this, but just start with picturing yourself doing more and being more 3 times a day. When you first wake up, the middle of the day, and right before bed.

These mental movies are food for your  self confidence to grow, so start feeding yourself some awesome today.

On Monday I will tell you more about the mind muscle connection and how it can improve your form and results right away.

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