I used to drive a black, S-10 pickup truck with black seats. It also had air conditioning for the first 15 minutes or so that I had it.

But I also found a Whitney Houston tape in the glove compartment. I want to dance with somebody! Seems like an even trade. AC for Whitney.


It was a hot August day and the worst part of my day happened. A red light. Stopping at a red light meant no more "air conditioning" for me and it was stifling in that truck.

This was a long light I was stuck at, so I was working up a good lather. Then I looked over and saw something that made it worse.

A lady with such awesome air conditioning her air is being blown straight back like she is a wind tunnel.

This made me so jealous of her that I developed a hatred that lasted for at least the 30 more seconds that I was at that light. But then my literally cooler head prevailed on down the road.

Why was I hating on her for having great air conditioning? Isn't that what I wanted?

I should have been wondering what she did to get that super AC. How could I get that for me?

Famous people get a lot of negative press just because they are famous. Some Kardashians deserve it, but that's for another day.

I'm not the only guilty one on the vehicle side of things. "What's that old man need with a convertible?"

Have you ever seen someone with a body you admire and dislike them right away? It's ok to admit, we all do it.

But next time you see someone at the gym or at a workout that you admire, try something new. Watch what they do.

The people who have bodies and lifestyles that I admire, I study what they do. Because I want to get there one day!

Here is what I have found out. It is a lot of hard work and discipline that goes into being successful.


That is very encouraging to me! Because it does not take one ounce of talent to give it your all. Anyone can be more successful than they are now.

Make it a priority, study the path to get there, and never give up hope. People are achieving great things all the time.

Why not you?