No will power left

No will power left

If you are wearing a watch, take it off, and put it on your other arm. If you don't wear a watch you can move your FitBit, a ring (preferably not a wedding ring), or anything you wear regularly to another spot on your body.

How does that feel? Is it driving you crazy? I always wear my watch on my left side. Moving it my right just feels so wrong.

Why is that? It still weighs the same. It still tells time. Everything is the same except what arm it is on.

It's because it is out of your routine. Did you know that you have a limited supply of will power?

That is why any time it seems like you focus on really eating healthier, your workouts seem to suffer. Or vice versa. How many times have you finally got in the groove with your workouts and you just can't seem to eat healthy?

It happens to a lot of people! You've exhausted your will power supply.

Think about how much you use your will power throughout the day. Not cussing people out in traffic, not eating every donut made my man, doing work you don't enjoy, etc...

All the things that you do in every day life, but don't like doing take away will power. It's why so many people that have jobs they hate, can't seem to exercise and eat right. Their job has taken every bit of will power they have just to get through the day!

Back to the watch exercise. That is why it is so important to take on one habit at a time.

If you were to wear your watch on the opposite arm for a few weeks, it would eventually feel more natural to you. Just like exercise can begin to feel like just another part of your day when it becomes a habit.

Eating healthy feels great once you make it a habit! But it feels very unnatural in the beginning.

Rather than trying to take over the world in one month, just stick to one new habit a month. Once that becomes a part of your life, then you can look to add more habits.

On Friday, I will give you the official Joe Martin Stay Healthy Weekend on the Weekend plan. This will give you some ways to rely on systems, rather than your will power only.