A pastor was hired at a new church. He came in on his first Sunday and blew everyone away with his first sermon.

He wowed the congregation with his second sermon. But by the third and fourth sermon, people started to get a little concerned.

The pastor had preached the exact same sermon 4 times in a row. Some of the elders of the church decided it was time to sit down with the new pastor.

The elders said, "Pastor we sure think that is a good sermon, but why do you keep preaching the same one over and over."

The pastor said, "I will stop preaching this sermon will people start doing what it tells them to do."

Now you know why so many of my e-mails sound familiar 🙂

We are all looking for that Easy button to press to make weight loss easy. The truth is that it takes sticking to the basics that you have heard for a long time.

Before you start looking into buying some fancy ab equipment on TV, have you tried planks to strengthen your abs?

Before you look at ordering expensive supplements, have you tried cleaning up what you eat?

Before you look at wraps to shrink your fat, have you tried exercising intensely 3 days a week on a consistent basis?

Before you go looking for that magic fix, remember the basics. If you are looking for a Magic Fat Loss formula, then use this one from Dr. Chris Mohr.



Start there, do these things on a consistent basis and see how the magic works. Once you can make all of these things a habit, then you can start the fine tuning.

Keep coming back to the basics until you get to where you want to be.