One of the most common questions I get about my boot camp is "Why just women?"


My typical answer involves how my training experience led me to decide that women are the best clients. That answer does not tell the full story.


My experience in class a few weeks ago, tells the story a lot better.


I was in class the other day marveling at the amazing women that I'm surrounded by. In just one day I had the opportunity to train women who had lost husbands, children, parents, and everything they own to Katrina.


Women who had been through divorces, rehabs, abusive relationships, and layoffs.


Women who had beat cancer, sickle cell, diabetes, lupus, and numerous other serious diseases.


Single moms, women who take care of aging parents, and women who have taken on the role of mom and dad while their husband is serving overseas.


And yet every one of these women is still standing tall and letting nothing defeat them.


So to answer your question: